Strategic Success Plan

As we have captured on our logo, we view your business as a box with four sides Vision, Values, Team and Customers. At the base of your box are your Resources. The capacity of your business is what will fit within your box. When your box gets close to capacity it can come apart. A strong Culture will help hold your box/business together. But the larger the box grows, the stronger the Culture needs to be.

Over the course of 5 off site 8 hour sessions, set at your time table, Box Concepts Consulting, LLC will help you and your team, develop and implement the following plans and tools for your business.

  • Strategic Success Summary

Who are you?

  • Mission Statement (Why you exist)

  • Vision Statement (What you want to become)

  • Cultural Description (Define the culture you want to create)

  • Core Values (What values are most important to your team)

Marketing Summary

  • Identify and Define Your Ideal Customer (Who do you want to serve)

  • Identify Your Differentiators (What sets you apart from your competition)

  • Create a Guarantee (Make a Guarantee to put your customer at ease and set you apart from the competition)

Live Financial Summary: (Customizable)

  • Showing Current YTD, 1 Year Plan and 3 Year Plan

    • Revenue

    • Net Income

    • % of Sales

    • Number of Team Member

    • Net Income per Team Member


  • 1 Year Goals

  • Quarterly Goals


  • Identify any Issues that are potentially standing in your way

  • Team Cultivation Plan

      • Accountability Chart

      • Job Description for Each Position

      • New Hire Documentation

      • New Team Member Onboarding Tool

      • Team Member Evaluator Tool

      • Weekly / Bi-Weekly Team Meeting Format

  • Customer Development Plan

      • Ideal Customer Demographic Profile

      • Business Marketing Plan

      • Product Marketing Plans

  • Resource Management Plan

      • Budget

      • Dashboard

      • Team Member Hiring Plan

      • Additional Capital Plan

  • Access to our toolbox full of additional tools