Other Services

Finance One on One with Belinda Hughes

We offer financial services ala carte to fit your unique needs, charged by the hour along with any travel expenses incurred. Belinda Hughes, a CFO with 35 years’ experience, is available for services and reviews such as:

  • Review of your books and financial processes for completeness and improvements

  • Assistance to create budget and forecast

  • Review of documented processes

  • Review of internal controls

  • Develop new hire onboarding process

Precision Ag One on One with Tim Norris

We offer one on one consulting to Precision Ag businesses on their product lines and services that they provide as well as those you are looking to add. Tim Norris has over 27 years of experience in the Precision Ag Industry and is glad to share his knowledge with you.

  • Review of the profitability of products and services that you offer.

  • Help you explore the potential profitability of products and services that you are thinking of adding.

  • Help in creating marketing materials like flyers, power point slide templates, letterhead and excel sheets.

  • Create customized spreadsheets for sales tool like ROI Calculators.

  • UAV video and video editing