Why Box Concepts Consulting?

We are offering up our many years of business experience. We are passionate about bringing that knowledge and experience to small businesses. We will show you how to work ON your business, not just IN your business. The real value we bring is our Strategic Success Plan. Our customized sessions will walk your leadership team through creating your plan.

The Strategic Success Plan is a collection of documents, plans and defining statements. We start with something as simple, but often overlooked, as what defines you as a business and where do you want to take it. Next, we help you build plans for setting and meeting your goals and to create a team filled with the right people. We will discuss your biggest issues and show you how to break them down, and to find, monitor and measure solutions. Along the way we will share with you many tips, tricks and tools we have in our toolbox.

If You are going to be a statistic, Make sure that you are in the top 25%!!!

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the following rates of failure of new businesses.

  • 20% Fail in the first 2 years

  • 45% Fail in the first 5 years

  • 65% Fail in the first 10 years

  • Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years.

The top 7 reasons businesses fail:

  1. Not knowing your market.

  2. Lack of proper business planning.

  3. Too little or improper financing.

  4. Bad location, physical or online.

  5. Poor marketing

  6. Complacency

  7. Too rapid expansion